Blood examination through the method of sensitive crystallization by Dr. E. Pfeiffer commonly called “blood crystallization” or “copper chloride crystallization” represents a picture-forming method (in contrast to methods which only detect images such as sonography).

It was developed by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer inspired by Rudolf Steiner and has accompanied the anthroposophical medicine from its onset.


A picture of blood crystallization of a patient with breast cancer (bottom right-hand corner) and bone metastases of the hip (on the left side of the centre) To zoom out – click on the picture!

In the crystallized saline solutions – in this case a copper chloride solution – the copper chloride reacts particularly sensitively to an additive such as blood

Disease processes, or predispositions of the patient respectively, are expressed though specific shape modifications of the structure of the crystals, in many cases prior to any clinical manifestation of the disease. Therefore, this method may be particularly a diagnostic aid in the early detection of disease and cancer; however it does not represent a diagnosis itself since the latter results only from the entire medical findings.

A blood test shall be conducted only on the orders by a medical doctor or a healing practitioner.

Thereby the blood is dropped on a special filter paper and sent after drying. For the blood examination a small amount of whole blood (capillary blood) is mixed with a standardized copper chloride solution, and then the mixture is being dried in crystallization dishes placed in a specific chamber under reproducible conditions.

The evaluation and our reports are submitted to the medical doctor / physician in charge.

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